A Film Introducing Shadow Work

This film introduces shadow work and gives an opportunity to see what a Healing The Shadow counselling/coaching session might look like and what is possible from the work.

Healing the shadow is a form of embodied psychotherapy and deep process work rooted in depth psychology an archetypal theory.

In the film we follow a client through their shadow work session – we see the choices that they make about what they want from the session, which parts of themselves they wish to explore and which direction they choose the work to go in.

Shadow work is hard to pin down, because every session looks completely different. The work is entirely led by the client, and so it goes in a different direction every time – because it goes in the direction that is right for that particular client. Here we see one way a session can look.

The film also contains comments from other clients about their experiences of the work – why they came to shadow work, and what they have gained from doing the work.