Testimonials for Alasdair Kirk – Healing The Shadow practitioner


“Through the session I felt a very good sense of safety, like I could be free in that holding. I felt Ali held an excellent process, with much depth and tender enquiry and I felt moved by that. I am cogitating and settling into the depth of what was generously facilitated for me. I really think it was a beautiful piece of work, gratitude and celebration all round. I got clearer in bringing home an exquisite part of myself. It was profoundly useful and I am full of gratitude.”  DD, Bristol.


“Thank you for my session this week.  There is a subtle shift in me since and I’m a very happy customer! Throughout I felt safe and held, and when I didn’t (just as part of the process) it was easy to say and for Ali to reassure me.  I was impressed with Ali’s probing questions and allowing holding. The session was so useful… particularly the bit where Ali questioned me gently, hanging out with me as a 6 year old.  Something in that experience feels enduringly healing.  The session definitely met and exceeded my expectations.”  CMC, Somerset.

“I felt heard and Ali kept checking in with me and adjusting his approach in response to my answers. I felt we did the process together, in partnership. It wasn’t “done to me”. I was safely guided through.”   JD, Somerset.
“I have only good things to say about Ali. There was a sense of calm in the room when I arrived and I felt a warm welcome with ease. I felt I could just talk and ramble on about how I was feeling. He let me do this until it became obvious what I wanted to happen in the space. He listened with empathy and I felt heard and understood. When we moved to the carpet, he guided me to listen to my inner critic with her nagging voice. It was very helpful for me to have this personified, listening both as a little girl and as “the Queen” I am today. We also explored the role of the Warrior, which in desperate need for rest, could act more as a boundary keeper to make time for myself, rather than fighting through life. I felt lighter after the session with more permission to follow my creative urges.”  BM, Somerset.