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All the practitioners featured on this page are fully qualified and insured and have regular supervision and peer supervision. They undertake their own personal shadow work sessions regularly and undergo monitored continued professional development.

Richard Martyn – Healing The Shadow Practitioner

Richard Martyn

Healing The Shadow Practitioner

Areas: Gloucestershire, Herefordshire, South Wales, Bristol and West Midlands.

Telephone: 07816310803

Email: richardmartynhts@gmail.com

Website: www.shadowworkforest.uk

A lifetime in industry has given me substantial experience of management and leadership:  the kind of leadership that fits into a hierarchical organisation and strives to meet deadlines and corporate objectives.

In contrast, more recently I have been attracted to the heart-centred qualities of Sovereign leadership that are so necessary for a healthy and healing relationship with my clients as we explore and navigate their shadows together. And together with these heart-centred, Sovereign qualities, I have discovered an ability to connect and work with the sensitive Inner Child that resides inside all of us, and which bears the scars of many childhood wounds.

For so many people, the emotional wounds our parents bring to their parental role, coupled with the demands of a busy life, result in the innermost needs of their children not being met. This was certainly true for me. I grew up on a busy farm where the paramount demands of farming life often meant that my emotional needs were not met. And so, during my own life journey I have faced deep personal loss and addiction. In fact, my own healing journey started with confronting addiction in a 12-step fellowship, and helping others to do the same.

The two year journey I have travelled with Marianne Hill and Rod Boothroyd during the Healing The Shadow training programme has served me in two ways; firstly to delve deeply into my own shadows and uncover my deepest wounds and bring healing to them, and secondly to equip me with the knowledge and skills, which, together with my own life-experience and innate abilities, enables me to facilitate others on their own journey. The knowledge of processes and psychological theory is important, but maybe more important are the qualities of warmth, empathy and attunement which I bring to the client relationship.

My way of working is always to be client centred and client led, to allow the client to lead the journey of self-development, to be a companion and expert guide on the path that they follow, and to provide the support, encouragement and safe holding necessary for them to explore the deeper, darker parts of themselves. In this way, they can bring conscious light and healing to their oldest wounds, allowing them to grow and mature into a life of meaning and joy unfettered by the shackles of the past.

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Laura Stoddart – Healing The Shadow Practitioner

Laura Stoddart

Healing The Shadow Practitioner

Areas: South Devon and Frome, Somerset

Telephone: 07854 374 130


Website: shadowworkdevon.co.uk

10 years ago, I began my personal journey of emotional healing and it brought me to shadow work. I was deeply struck by its effectiveness and transformational power.  As the years went by, joining the Healing The Shadow training seemed a natural way forward. I am delighted that this deeply impactful and broad reaching two year training has enabled me to bring to others the shame free, effective and professional Healing The Shadow sessions that I have benefited from.
I am now one of the trainers on the two year Healing The Shadow training, which helps me to stay immersed in this work, constantly refreshing my skills and deepening my theoretical understanding.
I welcome those who are searching for deep inner change, healing, a deeper understanding of what is true for them, or simply a stronger sense of emotional well-being.  Healing The Shadow is appropriate for working with childhood trauma, fear, anger, anxiety and many other issues that we carry and are be unable to fully express and process. The sessions are always underpinned by compassion, deep respect and care.
I believe that everyone I work with has the capacity and inner resources to access their own transformation and deep healing.
I live and work in South Devon. I also offer sessions via zoom, and face to face in Frome.

Rachel Mitchell – Healing the Shadow Practitioner

Rachel J Mitchell

Healing The Shadow Practitioner

Area: Bristol

Contact: Racheljmitchell88@gmail.com

Website: shadowworkbristol.co.uk

I’m a full time healing the shadow practitioner and I’m also a support trainer on the healing the shadow practitioner training. I live in Bristol with my partner and our two boys ages 14 and 11. I’m 36 years old and I’ve been immersed in the world of psychological and emotional healing for the past 9 years. I’m delighted to bring this work to you. I’m a warm, empathetic and dynamic practitioner with a focus on the therapeutic relationship and creating a safe, collaborative space where we can work on your shadows together. I work face to face at my practice room in Bristol where I offer a non judgmental and respectful space where every aspect of you is welcomed into the room, from your fear, doubts, hatefulness, darkness, vulnerabilities, everything from the parts you feel the deepest shame about to your greatest strengths and power. I provide a space where all these parts can be explored, cared for and reintegrated.

Shadow work has played a profound role in helping me transform many aspects of my life, to name a few my physical health, my relationships and my ability to embrace my power and agency so that I can take the steps needed to bring about the changes that I’ve wanted in my life.

Before shadow work I was dominated by fatigue, my thinking was confused and cloudy and I felt exhausted and in a dark depression the majority of the time, without knowing it I was suffering with dissociation and long collapses of shame. Shadow work has helped me to heal in a way where I now feel the majority of the time full of life.. alive and my thinking is clear. I’ve developed a deeper capacity to be open, vulnerable and honest in my relationships so that I feel safe and deeply connected with the people in my life.

I welcome LGBTQIA+ clients, and clients from all ethnic backgrounds to my practice.

In 2017 I trained with Amanda Rayment and Dominique Sakoilsky on a year long course as a Women’s Health Practitioner.

In 2018 I continued my learnings on deeply listening and attending to the body and the nervous system as well as exploring Relationship to Self with Amanda Rayment.

Most recently I trained for two years with Marianne Hill and Rod Boothroyd and qualified as a Healing The Shadow practitioner in October 2021.

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Alasdair Kirk – Healing The Shadow Practitioner

Alasdair Kirk

Healing The Shadow Practitioner

Areas: Herefordshire, Gloucestershire, Somerset,

South Wales, West Midlands & Online sessions via Zoom

Telephone: 07792 405 660

Email: ali@inner-truth.co.uk

Website: www.inner-truth.co.uk

I facilitate shadow work and experiential psychotherapeutic process as an effective method of supporting others to fully explore their inner world and to heal; to clear their barriers to growth and joyful living, and to discover and reclaim their agency and authenticity.

The power and potential of this work excites me and I am passionate about holding a shame free space for men and woman to feel safe and to connect deeply and truthfully with themselves.

I have an academic background in Psychology and Neuroscience (B.Sc Hons) and am excited how contemporary advances in neurophysiology theoretically underpin the efficacy of experiential work with emotional wounds, re-regulating the underlying physiological impact (disautonomia) of all types of trauma on the body, and helping to bring individuals back to a felt sense of safety.

I value all modalities that offer deep and direct healing and I’m a professional member of The Institute of Psychedelic Therapy and a registered psychedelic integration practitioner with IPT. I am actively involved in the IPT community and benefit from the excellent academic and experiential CPD they offer.

Outside of my work with private clients, I have been actively involved in Men’s Work for the last seven years, facilitating regularly in a local group that I established five years ago. I’m also a member of The Mankind Project UK & Ireland (MKP), and a local group leader for JourneymanUK, a national charity offering contemporary ‘rite of passage’ initiation weekends and fortnightly mentoring for teenage boys.

I believe I can only support others to face their deepest, darkest aspects inasmuch as I engage myself with the bravery and courage required in doing so in my own life. I believe that I can only support others’ deep inner work to the extent that I am intimately involved in my own.

I bow to your willingness and courage to turn towards your difficulties, bringing light to those troubled parts and your limitations. In doing so you will find greater ease and alignment, develop greater compassion for yourself and others, and become more available to be in service to your community and to the times. I believe that the ripples outwards from these inner shifts cannot be underestimated and are a key component of the greater shift that our culture needs.

I offer in-person sessions at my practice in South Herefordshire & Online sessions via Zoom. I also offer an online 3 month transformational one-to-one program for men.

Schedule a free 20-minute exploratory call at  www.inner-truth.co.uk

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Marianne Hill - Healing The Shadow Trainer

Marianne Hill – Healing The Shadow Practitioner

Marianne Hill

Healing The Shadow Trainer

Healing The Shadow Practitioner and Group Facilitator

Area: Frome, Somerset

Website: www.healingtheshadow.co.uk

I began my journey as a practitioner when I trained as a couples’ counsellor back in 2003. I learned about the hidden connections that play out in intimate and family relationships, and the wounds that bind people into dances which unfold without their knowledge or awareness. I watched in awe as the journey between couples evolved and they were guided towards healing and a deepening and enrichment of their relationship. 

After several years of work as a couples’ counsellor I began to develop an interest in healing through the body. I undertook a personal journey of exploration around body work and forms of deep relaxation and healing and this resulted in me training as a shiatsu practitioner. The language of the body has since become integral to my work. I find that listening to the body offers a direct access to our unconscious and can provide a pathway to healing.

It was through my work as a shiatsu practitioner that I became aware of the concept of the shadow and the hidden unconscious forces that shape our lives. I saw that the shadow linked directly to the unconscious systemic forces that I studied in couple’s and family work, and the unconscious pain and trauma held within the tissues of the body. I then went on to train in shadow work and this became the basis of my practice. I work with individuals, couples and groups.

I started the Healing The Shadow® community in 2018 with my fellow practitioner Rod Boothroyd. We have now established the Two and Three Year Practitioner Trainings for those wishing to learn the art of working with the shadow and healing deep emotional wounds.

I am completely committed to developing and holding a compassionate and transformative space, for my trainees and my clients alike, where people can explore and heal their shadows in a warmly supportive, shame free and emotionally mature environment.

Rod Boothroyd – Healing The Shadow Practitioner

Rod Boothroyd

Healing The Shadow Trainer

Healing The Shadow Practitioner and Group Facilitator

Area: Frome and on-line work


Phone   07788 502 902

My interest in psychotherapy developed over 20 years ago after leaving a management position in industry and experiencing a profound sense of a lack of direction, purpose, and meaning in my life. I was alienated from and dissatisfied with the corporate way of life. And so, determined never to return to a world driven by the pursuit of profit, where unethical practices were overlooked and personal relationships were regarded as unimportant, I soon found myself in deep psychotherapy. The revelations around the true nature of humanity, and the personal change and growth that I gained from this personal work, was so profound that I determined to forge a new career in this area.

I entered onto the training in Transactional Analysis at the Manchester Institute For Psychotherapy in 1999. This led me into a whole series of further explorations and trainings, including vision quests, solo trekking in the wilderness, trainings in Integrative Psychotherapy, exploration of group work with the Mankind Project and training in shadow work, until I eventually found myself running highly successful group workshops for men  with my colleagues Ed Rooke and Dermot Fitzpatrick. The fascination of how people can heal their emotional wounds by exploring and integrating their shadow has never left me, and continues to this day in my work with Marianne and in my private practice with one-to-one clients.
Now, our training course also offers the privilege of bringing others into this much-needed profession. I am proud of our capacity to convey the subtleties and nuances of both the counselling process and the shadow work techniques.