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Meet Christopher Koller. Christopher qualified with us in 2019 and has a long term plan to set up practice as a Healing The Shadow practitioner.

Christopher Koller

Over two decades ago I finished my post graduate honours degree in Clinical Psychology. I decided at the time to apply myself in the commercial world of business & brands. However, I always knew I would return one day to the formal practice of working with individuals to achieve transformative healing & creative growth. Completing an additional two-year certification in “Healing the Shadow”, was a key step in this journey.

Until such time I am continuing to build my knowledge, and experience ensuring one day I can effectively work with individuals to integrate all parts of themselves, to unlock their fullest potential. I will eventually work alongside my partner Rachel at the House of Light. Our aim is to provide a unique approach, working both with past or present trauma and combining this with transformative coaching for individuals, leadership teams and organisations.