Testimonials for Richard Martyn – Healing The Shadow practitioner

“Richard had a really spacious, human presence with a strong person centred attitude, that followed me.  I particularly appreciated Richard’s humble and curious way of being.  He clarified what was going on often and was in control of the process.  There was a lot of space left for me to reflect…..  His questions were open and non-directive.  I felt the way he held the inner child was excellent and felt he was comfortable in that role,  dialoguing in a natural intuitive way, with a soft voice, gentleness and welcome.  I felt really safe showing vulnerability with him….. I cannot remember a recent time where I was able to access that  vulnerable part so deeply and be so open.   There was a lot of reflecting back where we were and returning to my overall want which was very useful in focusing the work and what I wanted from the piece.”  NN, Bath.

“I’ve had three sessions with Richard – the last one being a 5 hour intensive. In every session I have felt incredibly safely held, which has allowed me to go deeply into difficult and vulnerable places. Richard is warm and straightforward, and listens and observes deeply and without judgement. He is incredibly good at reflecting back in a way that allows new insight to emerge. He allows space and time when they are needed to fully feel or integrate, and I have never felt rushed or steered in any way. I noticed in the last session that I completely trusted him and the process – which allowed me to relax into paying full attention to the inner journey as it unfolded. I can wholeheartedly recommend him as a Healing The Shadow practitioner.”  Adam.

“I felt very welcome on arrival and the environment felt calm and safe. I felt in good safe hands to allow my work to reveal itself. Richard was professional in his approach and I liked the way he offered different suggestions on the work. I felt very held and supported and very safe all the way through. This time my carpet work filled my whole session with different aspects of my shadow getting the chance to speak, looking into the chronic fatigue symptoms I have suffered with for over twenty years. I found the answers very enlightening and healing; the session definitely exceeded my expectations.”  PK, Wiltshire.

“What I wanted to happen in the session is to explore the self-critical voice within me, which is very loud and overpowering sometimes. Richard gave me lots of space and good guidance to explore my inner critic. I felt well heard and seen. Feeling his attentive presence made it easy to talk and keep talking. I had a big light bulb moment as I realised where this voice comes from. Absolutely life changing.”  BM, Somerset.