Contact and application process

For information about the training and how to apply

Please contact Marianne


01373 300749


The next two year training starts in 2025.

Please contact Marianne if you would like to arrange an initial discussion. You can then ask any questions you have and we can assess the suitability of the training for you, and whether or not to proceed to the next steps.

We will be taking applications for this training later this year. The application process for the training involves an initial informal discussion with Marianne, the completion of an application form and a formal interview with Marianne and another trainer.

Please note: Experience of Healing The Shadow work is a requirement for access to the training. If you are thinking of joining us in 2025 and you don’t have previous experience of Healing The Shadow work you are welcome to attend a workshop or book an individual session with any of our practitioners in order to gain experience of this work. We also ask that you have at least one five hour session with Marianne before applying. Please follow this link for details of her practice: