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Meet our current trainees.

Tier Blundell – First Year Trainee

Tier Blundell

First Year trainee on the Healing The Shadow Practitioner Training

Area: Warwickshire

Email: tierblundell@outlook.com

Tier was born on a council estate in Northampton to a Pakistani father and an English mother. After experiencing a turbulent home life and racism in his school and community Tier was permanently excluded from school at the age of eleven. He then spent four years in a pupil referral unit before leaving at the age of sixteen with no qualifications. After beginning martial arts training at eighteen, Tier went on to compete professionally in Mixed Martial Arts, Kickboxing and Muay Thai, attaining two title belts.

At twenty-four, he returned to education with an Access Course at Leicester College, going on to study Politics and Social Studies at the University of Warwick, before moving to Scotland for postgraduate study at the University of St Andrews. Tier is currently the first known person from a pupil referral unit to be admitted to the University of Oxford, where he is completing a part time PhD.

Tier has extensive experience working with young people from a variety of backgrounds as a teacher, coach and mentor. He also has a lot of experience of men’s work through his role as a trustee for A Band Of Brothers, and he creates workshops where men can express their anger.

Tier currently works in public affairs. He has also founded a business and is an advisory board member for the Ethnic Minority Business School in Oxford. He is committed to improving outcomes for the excluded in society and to widening participation and access to the work we are doing at Healing The Shadow.

Hannah Johnson – First Year Trainee

Hannah Johnson

First Year trainee on the Healing The Shadow Practitioner Training

Area: London and Leicester

Telephone: 07470822512

Email for individuals:  Johnson.hannah@hotmail.com

Email for corporates: Hannah@engageforsuccess.org

Hannah is a Business Psychologist and Coach who began her career working in organisational Development, improving organisational culture and employee engagement through change programmes, aiming to help create optimal workplaces that people will thrive, not just survive in.

Hannah has a private coaching practice where she works with individuals to reveal a greater depth to themselves and explore strategies that lead to a more fulfilling life.

Consultations with her often appeal to neurodiverse individuals, women of colour and/or those working in the corporate profession that are seeking to recover from burnout: those seeking support and inspiration in finding their way towards a more sustainable lifestyle, addressing past behaviours that no longer serve to enable the feeling of wellness in themselves and others.

Having worked on the People Strategy across multiple sectors, industries, and organisations – BQF, One Housing, Centrepoint, HC One, KPMG, Cadent Gas and NHS BT to name a few- she has explored what makes people tick and found fulfilment through focusing on the experience of employees through programmes improving Leadership Development, Culture, Employee Experience and Engagement, Well-being, Diversity Equity Inclusion and Belonging (DEIB), Manager Capability and Process Improvement.

Hannah’s ethos is to raise the standards of business practices and make a difference, not just for herself but for everybody, today and in generations to come.

Francesca Antrobus – First Year Trainee

Francesca Antrobus

First Year trainee on the Healing The Shadow Practitioner Training

Area: Bristol

Telephone: 07917127407

Email: antrobusfrankie@gmail.com

Hi, I’m Frankie. I’ve spent the past decade on a deep journey of inner work. What started out of necessity as a way to drag myself out of a very dark place has become an integral part of my story. I went from traditional talking therapy to embodiment ceremonies, energy healing, sisterhood retreats and more recently working with a women’s life coach in a year long group container that totally transformed me; it became clear along the way that doing the work is essential for me. It’s my belief that we can all benefit greatly from digging deep and asking our soul what it really needs to manifest its highest purpose in this lifetime. In exploring the parts of myself I was once too afraid to look at, I’ve been able to uncover nuggets of gold that have allowed me to banish my limiting beliefs and rewrite my story.

This is why I believe Shadow Work is an incredible tool for self-growth. Seeing ourselves as a whole person, accepting and integrating the parts of ourselves we’ve been too afraid to be with, is what allows us to come home to ourselves and stop running. By doing so we simultaneously gain the understanding that we can never really run away from who we are. Through stepping into the darkness, I’ve moved from a place of low self-esteem and self-hatred to a place of self-love and self-celebration. I would be honoured to guide, support and hold others on this journey of homecoming and liberation.

Nicky Holt – CPD Healing The Shadow trainee

Nicky Holt

First Year trainee on the CPD Healing The Shadow Training

Area: Oxford

Mobile: 07538874581

Email: najholt@gmail.com

I work as a therapeutic counsellor in Oxford. My core training is in the Person Centred Approach to counselling. This means that I have a strong belief that every individual has the capacity for growth and personal development if given the right conditions. In therapy these conditions are acceptance and empathy from a non-judgemental, genuine and trustworthy therapist. I will work hard to understand my client’s view of the world and their experiences so that I can reflect these back to them in a way that supports their self-understanding and acceptance. My clients lead this process and talk about what is important to them.

Having undertaken further training as a Relationship Counsellor I also integrate ideas from systemic theory which helps those in relationships understand how they, sometimes unintentionally, impact each other’s behaviours and emotions and attachment theory which helps to shed light on the automatic assumptions we make about relationships based on what we learned in our early childhoods.

Before qualifying in Counselling and Psychotherapy I had nearly twenty years experience of working as a Registered Mental Health Nurse. I am also qualified in Occupational Health and have experience of supporting clients with work related mental health issues. My background in mental health means I have some understanding of medication and statutory services.

I am undertaking this two year CPD training with healing the shadow in order to deepen my work with my clients, and also to deepen my understanding of myself.

Post Graduate Certificate in Counselling and Psychotherapy – 2013
Diploma in Therapeutic Counselling – 2015
CBT for Person Centred Counsellors -2015
Relate Certificate in Relational Counselling – 2020
Dip HE Mental Health Nursing – 1996
Advanced Diploma in Occupational Health – 2010

Sarah London – CPD Healing The Shadow Trainee

Sarah London

First Year Trainee on the CPD Healing The Shadow Training

Area: Chepstow

Email: sarahlnd@hotmail.co.uk

I have recently completed a five year post-graduate diploma in Gestalt Psychotherapy. This deeply immersive and experiential training has been a very challenging and growth-full experience in my life. Over the last four years I have built up a practice in Chepstow, offering low cost therapy to adults, children and young people; as well as collaborative work with families, using a systemic approach. Alongside this, I work as a school counsellor in a local secondary school.

I have a passion for learning and growing in my understanding of myself and the world around me. I have a real commitment to ‘doing the work’ and getting to the truth of things. I’m particularly interested in how we can free ourselves from limited beliefs, loyalties or habitual ways of being that keep us restricted and stuck. Hence being drawn to shadow work and the process of facing these parts of ourselves we have come to believe are inadequate, undesirable, wrong or shameful. I am looking forward to having the support of a group to explore these places and help to integrate my own split-off parts and in turn, I hope to support my clients to do the same.

Richard Grey – training assistant

Richard Grey

Assistant on the Healing The Shadow Practitioner Training


Telephone: 07736 735298

Email: rwgrey@hotmail.com

I am assisting Marianne and the other trainers in delivering the two year training programme. I am very familiar with Shadow Work having completed a ‘six-month journey’ in Shadow Work with Marianne and Rod Boothroyd in 2018/2019 and also having assisted at several HTS and other events run by Marianne and/or Rod, including ManKind Project UK & Ireland workshops.
I retired from full-time employment (in sustainable construction research management) in 2017. I am currently a member of several mens groups and am involved in Frome Writers Collective (FWC) as Deputy-Chair. I have several writing projects in progress, including a novel.
I am extremely interested and involved in many alternative healing modalities, including Shadow Work, 7 Words, Astrology, Meditation, Family Constellations and Identity Oriented Psychotrauma Theory (IOPT).
I love being part of a group and assisting and supporting others on their healing journeys.