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Improving Relationships – Creating Trust and Wellbeing


Improving relationships

We work with groups and organisations to introduce a culture of clear, authentic communication which builds resilience and deepens trust. Our work engenders an open, collaborative and supportive work environment which benefits all members of the organisation.

We offer communication skills training which organisations can use to strengthen and enrich connections between colleagues, resulting in greater co-operation, creativity and productivity. Our training introduces effective and collaborative techniques of communication that can empower colleagues to feel safe as they ask for what they want from each other and discuss things that are not working for them.

We also introduce processes which address and resolve difficulties between colleagues. These processes offer a practical and effective way to resolve any interpersonal difficulties that people may be experiencing and can help to prevent long term problems of disconnection, disharmony, and lack of co-operation.

Together, these approaches can significantly reduce the number of working days lost due to stress, and help to eliminate the inefficiencies in the workplace which result from miscommunication, conflict or interpersonal difficulties.  

Without the skills to communicate effectively, people can unwittingly create problems for the future by not speaking about or addressing interpersonal difficulties when they first arise. We believe it is important to create a culture where raising issues in a respectful and thoughtful way is not only encouraged but also seen as responsible and positive behaviour.

To achieve this, we introduce a model of communication called the Five Fields Framework. This is both simple to learn and easy to use. It’s a framework that can be used by all members of the organisation for all types of communication. Using this Framework helps to resolve short-term misunderstandings and to avoid long-term breakdown in connection. More than this though, when applied in your organisation, the Five Fields Framework helps colleagues to have a better understanding of their differences and to find effective ways forward. It deepens and enriches connections between colleagues and builds a strong sense of trust.

Another tool we can introduce to overcome interpersonal difficulties is The Restoring Connection Process. This is a facilitated process which is based on the Five Fields Framework. It offers support to any two people who are in conflict, or seeing things differently, and would like some support in moving forward. The Restoring Connection Process provides the necessary support and guidance to allow colleagues to resolve differences and reestablish effective communication.

In addition to improving organisational communication these processes can also have a more personal impact, as they help people to understand where they have difficulties expressing themselves and what the root cause of this may be. Such insight allows individuals to address these issues, and this, in turn, leads not only to better relationships with others, but also a better sense of self-worth, self-confidence and self-care.


Personal And Professional Development

We work with organisations to create a culture where people can work in harmony with themselves and others. We offer the opportunity for all members of the organisation to explore where their natural gifts and talents lie and to identify those areas which present more difficulty. We encourage styles of communication which allow everyone to embrace their strengths and offer mutual support with their challenges. 

Many organisations are held back from achieving their full potential because the natural gifts and talents of their members are not fully utilised. The personal development work we offer can release untapped potential in the organisation and dramatically reduce wasted time and energy.

Relationships are easier when people feel seen and accepted as themselves, with both their gifts and their struggles. In addition, such acceptance produces greater efficiency and productivity. This in turn will allow the members of your organisation to work with a sense of alignment and shared values: and this means you can achieve your desired outcomes more easily, effectively and naturally.

Our approach explores all this through the lens of four human archetypes:

The Heart Centred Leader

The Action Taker

The Transformer

The Feeling Body

These archetypes have their origins in Carl Jung’s archetypal psychology. Together they represent the whole of human potential. Not everyone expresses these archetypal energies equally: our background and upbringing can influence which archetypal energy we develop most strongly, and which we find harder to embody.

This compassionate and easily-understood framework allows us to see and appreciate why people show up and perform in different ways in the workplace. It allows colleagues to openly embrace and share their talents, and comfortably speak about their struggles. And that, in turn, allows everyone to make their best contribution to the organisation. The end result is a work environment in which everyone feels more valued, happy and content in their work.


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Five Fields Framework Booklet

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