Meet Marianne and Rod

Marianne and Rod are the founders of our Healing The Shadow training programme

In this audio podcast, hosted by Matthew Eatwell, Marianne and Rod explore the concept of ‘shadow’ – the parts of ourselves that we try to hide, repress and deny.  They also share their experience of  bringing the light of awareness and compassion to these unconscious drivers, and how this can help us step into our true power and joy, and become much more heart-centred and connected.

Finally there is an exploration of the four personality archetypes (Magician, Lover, Warrior, and Sovereign) and how each aspect is needed for us to become the best version of ourselves, so we can bring our unique gifts and talents into the world.


About Rod:

Rod Boothroyd has been involved in the world of psychotherapy, counselling and emotional healing for more than 20 years now. He originally trained in transactional analysis (TA), and later in the world of integrative therapy.

More recently he’s combined the principles of integrative psychotherapy with the Jungian concepts of shadow and archetypes. He believes this combination offers one of the most powerful and transformative systems of emotional healing available today.

Rod’s also the author of the book “Warrior, Magician, Lover, King – A Guide To The Male Archetypes Updated For The 21st Century”.


About Marianne:

Marianne Hill has been working with individuals and couples for over 17 years now. For the last twelve years she has working intensively with the shadow. Initially working as a shadow work facilitator and coach she has adapted, expanded and enriched her approach over time.

In her Healing The Shadow practice, Marianne draws on her twin passions of relationship work and body work. Combining these with shadow work creates a strong and safe framework of holding which allows profound change to take place and be integrated. She is deeply committed to providing a compassionate and transformative place for people who wish to explore and heal their shadows.


Marianne and Rod now also offer the opportunity for others to train in the field of shadow work. They run the two year practitioner training course which teaches all the skills required to become a confident and competent shadow work practitioner and to set up a successful Healing The Shadow practice. You can read full details of the practitioner training here.