For counsellors, psychotherapists and therapeutic coaches

An amazing CPD opportunity – A Two Year Shadow Work Journey for your personal and professional development.

This is a unique opportunity to be part of a shadow work training course alongside people studying to be professional facilitators. This is an opportunity to learn how to facilitate shadow work processes that you can take back and integrate into your current practice. It is also an opportunity to undertake deep shadow work devoted to your own personal development.

On this journey you will learn about the processes used in Healing The Shadow alongside doing your own deep personal work, facilitated by the trainees and the trainers on the course.

The professional training course extends over two years and you’ll have the fantastic opportunity to work alongside the trainees for six weekends a year over these two years.

This is a true journey into your inner world and the world of shadow work – a journey devoted to your personal development and growth, a rare opportunity not available anywhere else.

This course offers a behind the scenes insight into the theory behind shadow work and the processes that are used by facilitators, without undertaking the cost and time commitment of the full professional training.

This journey does not qualify you as a Healing The Shadow practitioner. However, you will get the opportunity to learn and practice many of the facilitation techniques, and you will be able to take the concepts and use them, as appropriate, in your practice.

This will appeal to people looking to deepen and enliven their therapeutic practice and to make a longer term commitment to their own personal development.

You will be part of a small group of trainees and participants taking this journey together over two years, under the guidance of experienced Healing The Shadow trainers.

Course details

Venue: The Green Room, Frome, Somerset

Six weekends per year for two years. The dates of the weekends are:


January 27/28, March 16/17, May 18/19, June 22/23, September 7/8, November 9/10


January 11/12, March 8/9, May 10/11, June 7/8, September 6/7, November 1/2

Timings of days: 9.30am to 6.30pm

The CPD training includes four 90 minute supervision sessions to support you in integrating the work into your practice. The timings for these will be arranged individually.

The cost is £1800 per year. This can be paid as a deposit of £395 followed by 26 monthly instalments of £124 over the two years.

Further details

The syllabus for the full professional training can be found here

On the CPD training you attend weekends 1,3,5,6,8,10 and 11,13,15,16,18,20

You will join in these weekends in full, with opportunities to facilitate the processes taught and to get training in this, and also opportunities to experience the processes as a client and to do your own personal work. The exception is the full anger work process and the Persecutor process. You will not get the opportunity to facilitate these, as they are only appropriate for the full professional training. However you will get to experience these processes as a client, and to learn mini versions of these processes that are suitable for taking away and integrating into your practice.

On the CPD training you are part of a group of six (maximum). Some trainees are doing the professional training and some are doing the CPD training. You receive all the same training resources and videos as those doing the full training. You get to join in fully and to be facilitated by colleagues and to practice facilitating the processes taught. You learn all of the processes and undergo your own personal journey as a client of all of these processes.
The CPD training does NOT include:
  • Extra practice days where the trainees receive intensive training and practice.
  • The personal process and theory weekends both years where trainees are facilitated through longer sessions and get to facilitate longer sessions (2,3,4 and 5 hours).
  • Working with real clients in the second year.
  • Having sessions videoed and receiving feedback.
  • Learning to facilitate full anger and Persecutor processes.
  • You do not receive a professional qualification.  However, at the end of the training you will receive a certificate of completion.

Application process

Please note: There is a selection process for this training and we have very few places available.

You are required to have had some previous experience of shadow work before applying. (If you haven’t yet had experience of shadow work you can book in for a session with Marianne or one of the other trainers.)

The application process comprises of completing an application form and having an informal interview/discussion with Marianne and another trainer. A decision will then be made in mid to late December as to who we can offer a place to on the training.

Please contact Marianne for an application form and to ask any further questions: mariannehillshadowwork@gmail.com