After several years of exploring and refining this concept we have now developed a very powerful, effective and user friendly way of exploring issues and challenges in your life. These journals are designed to support you in exploring what is really going on for you, and allowing your shadow sides to speak. The journals are based on the four archetypes that we work with in Healing The Shadow. The modern day names we use for these archetypes are: The Heart Centred Leader, The Action Taker, The Transformer and The Feeling Body. The traditional names are: Sovereign, Warrior, Magician and Lover. The top image shows the journal with the modern names and the bottom image shows the journal with the traditional names. Each double spread in the journals allows space for you to explore a particular issue by encouraging each of these four archetypal parts of you to speak. The journals come with a book mark that contains guiding questions to help you to get in touch with each of the archetypes in turn and to ensure that this part of you has been fully expressed. There are also eight introductory pages explaining how to use your journal and to get the most out of it. The journals are printed on recycled paper, wire bound, A4 sized and cost £15 each plus postage. If you would like to order one please email Marianne on

Comments from a happy journal user: On first seeing Marianne’s Archetypes Journal I was struck by how straightforward it is. The journal is structured in a way that makes it easy to engage with. Having done some Healing The Shadow sessions with Marianne I was excited to read the introduction; the example provided in the journal made it an easy process to follow. When I embarked on my first entry, I was feeling quite down; whenever I write something down in a book that looks really beautiful I put pressure on myself to write the right thing- but with this journal I felt I was granted permission not to be perfect! I found myself dealing with my ‘Feeling Body’ first (lots of tears and grief came up). I then turned to the ‘The Transformer’ who was fearful of making a mistake. Next, there was the ‘The Action Taker’ who was definitely very angry. I had no idea that I was thinking and feeling some of these things. I couldn’t face writing from my Heart Centred Leader on that day but the next day I sat down and read through what I’d written and with the prompts from the bookmark my HCL was able to stand in her power and write from that place. What she wrote was very inspirational- I had no idea that she could be so supportive and helpful.

A sense of calm came over me with a feeling of goodwill toward myself. It was such a great process and really helpful- it was like doing a Healing The Shadow session in the Green Room with Marianne. Thank you Marianne for bringing your Archetypes Journal into being. Julie Grey


Creating Authentic, Vibrant and Healing Relationships

This booklet introduces you to a communication model called the Five Fields Framework for use in important conversations.

The Five Fields Framework offers a clean and clear way of expressing what is going on for you in any situation, and greatly enhances the likelihood of you being heard and understood by the other person, and of finding a mutually satisfactory way forward.

The information in this booklet helps you to understand what is going on for you when conflict and difficulty arise, and it guides you in preparing for difficult conversations. It also helps you to understand the shadows you may be bringing to the situation and helps you explore what might be getting in the way of you communicating clearly and openly.

The cost of this booklet is £12 plus postage. Please email Marianne at to order a copy.


Creating A Culture of Authentic, Vibrant and resilient Connections

This booklet introduces members of a group or organisation to the Five Fields Framework so that it can be used as an organisation wide communication model.

The Five Fields Framework offers a clean and clear way of expressing what is going on for a person in any situation, and greatly enhances the likelihood of being heard and understood by the other person, and of the two people finding a mutually satisfactory way forward.

This booklet also describes The Restoring Connection process, which is a facilitated process that can be used in a group or organisation for resolving conflict.

The cost of this booklet is £12 plus postage. Please email Marianne at to order a copy.


A guide to the male archetypes updated for the 21st century

This exciting new book by Rod Boothroyd (Healing The Shadow practitioner and trainer) is a guide to men’s archetypes, emotions, and the development of the mature masculine in the world today. Here Rod describes the male archetypes of Warrior, Magician, Lover and King in a way designed for a 21st century audience. He explains the characteristics of each archetype in its balanced form, as well as the inflated and deflated forms which can result from the emotional wounding we experience during childhood. If you’ve ever had difficulty understanding why you behave in the way you do, this book will provide you with clear answers.

The book costs £11.99 Follow this link to purchase on Amazon.