Rachel supports Marianne in delivering the training

‘I’m a full time healing the shadow practitioner and I’m also a support trainer on the healing the shadow training. I live in Bristol with my partner and our two boys ages 13 and 10. I’m 35 years old and I’ve been immersed in the world of psychological and emotional healing for the past 9 years. I’m delighted to bring this work to you. I’m a warm, empathetic and dynamic practitioner with a focus on the therapeutic relationship and creating a safe, collaborative space where we can work on your shadows together. I work face to face at my practice room in Bristol where I offer a non judgmental and respectful space where every aspect of you is welcomed into the room, from your fear, doubts, hatefulness, darkness, vulnerabilities, everything from the parts you feel the deepest shame about to your greatest strengths and power. I provide a space where all these parts can be explored, cared for and reintegrated.

Shadow work has played a profound role in helping me transform many aspects of my life, to name a few my physical health, my relationships and my ability to embrace my power and agency so that I can take the steps needed to bring about the changes that I’ve wanted in my life.

Before shadow work I was dominated by fatigue, my thinking was confused and cloudy and I felt exhausted and in a dark depression the majority of the time, without knowing it I was suffering with dissociation and long collapses of shame. Shadow work has helped me to heal in a way where I now feel the majority of the time full of life.. alive and my thinking is clear. I’ve developed a deeper capacity to be open, vulnerable and honest in my relationships so that I feel safe and deeply connected with the people in my life.

I welcome LGBTQIA+ clients, and clients from all ethnic backgrounds to my practice.

In 2017 I trained with Amanda Rayment and Dominique Sakoilsky on a year long course as a Women’s Health Practitioner.

In 2018 I continued my learnings on deeply listening and attending to the body and the nervous system as well as exploring Relationship to Self with Amanda Rayment.

Most recently I trained for two years with Marianne Hill and Rod Boothroyd and qualified as a Healing The Shadow practitioner in October 2021.’