Testimonials for Rachel Mitchell – Healing The Shadow practitioner

“I cannot thank you enough for today.  I am simply compelled to express my gratitude to you. I am so delighted to have decided to work with you and shadow work. Here is what I call “beautiful and skillful work”:

Presence, Intuition, Knowledge and understanding of the work (shadow work and Jungian psychology)

Willingness to take risks in not “getting it right”, and letting me follow my flow.

Comforting kindness, Clear and compassionate guidance.” S Barreau

“Rachel held me very well in every part, I felt her Unconditional Positive Regard and empathy in her tone and words. Again a very deep process, that was brought to full completion. Her knowledge of regression, projections, drama triangle dynamics and options available was just brilliant. I loved the way she reflected this back and linked it to the live process. I had new insights as a result that allowed me to see things that are hard for me to link together. She had a level of gravitas that was reassuring and there was a sensitivity throughout that allowed vulnerability.Very very grateful. ” NB Bristol

“What an amazing session with Rachel. Rachel has such a lovely way.  Encouraging and inquisitive at the same time.  I loved the session. There was a real curiosity and interest, actually care. This was incredibly supportive and encouraging. Things that were great: 
1 amazing and incisive questions. 
2 persistence to chase down the thing I was least keen to reveal. 
3 warm and caring.
The space and the process felt very safe and I felt “held”.  I had a significant breakthrough indeed, and it was truly uplifting. Thank you.”  Mark Shayler.

“My session with Rachel was a real eye opener. I felt at ease right from the start. She is a very good listener and does not miss a thing. When we started the carpet work, she asked me questions, which were leading to quite unexpected insights. She gave me options how to process that. All the way through I felt her presence and empathy. The 5 hours flew by. I am deeply grateful to have had the opportunity to work with her.”  Bruni W. Frome.

“The work was very deep for me and took me to some very uncomfortable places – I felt incredibly vulnerable AND at the same time I felt safe and held. I was very confident that Rachel would be able to able to help me navigate my way through. She was never pushy but I had absolute confidence in her and this was because she was authentic, real and assured in her approach. Rachel was clear about what each section of the day involved – she was I believe very skilled in her use of techniques. In terms of outcomes I am cautiously optimistic that things have changed for the better for me as a direct result of the session. On Sunday after the session I genuinely felt lighter in my outlook on life. I have been carrying a heavy burden for very long and  yesterday I was more comfortable and at ease with myself which was one of my goals.”  NH, Frome.

“Rachel was very polished and professional, she was very welcoming and I felt safe, I felt relaxed. I never felt judged and I could open up and be vulnerable. I could express my shame. I would happily work with Rachel again and would recommend her to others.”  JD, Somerset.

“Calm rapport, genuine love, felt connection (in a good professional way). It felt very comfortable with Rachel, as if I already knew her. Trust. Gentle guidance but leaving lots of space and ‘freedom’ for me to do what I need to in the process…. I hadn’t had a session in a long while and a lot has happened since the last session. I was a little apprehensive to be honest. I had a lot to work through, but with Rachel the session didn’t feel overwhelming at all and left me with a lovely sense of peace, ready for anything! A new layer got uncovered, again. The magic of this work keeps astounding me! It’s very loving, beautiful and powerful.”  AM, Somerset

“You gave me a lot of space to uncover what I needed to work with. I felt really held by you, you hold the space with sensitivity and gentle strength. This enabled me to explore and get in touch with those deep parts of me that need to be healed. Once in touch with parts of my shadow side, you intuitively knew the right things to say or questions to ask that brought me to deeper understanding and enabled me to let go of past blocks and pains.” Elaine Twilley

“The amazing thing about shadow work, in my experience at least, is that you always get what you come for. Even if you didn’t know what this was at the outset. Rachel held the space really well for me to explore – allowing me to delve into what it was that I really wanted. Rachel supported the journey, heard what I needed and helped me set it up. It was a great experience, I can recommend!” David Baxter

“Thank you for yesterday’s shadow work session with me. I thought/felt you held the space perfectly for me. I felt safe. I thank you too for facilitating my processes so sensitively and intuitively too.” Adam

“Rachel’s deeply caring and accepting way of being completely put me at ease. If you have something you wish you could let out of shadow but never quite feel safe enough to do then I would highly recommend a session with Rachel. She creates an amazing space of gentle acceptance, safety and possibility for which I am most grateful. She listened, reflected and empowered me to get to the very core of what was keeping me stuck.” Nicola Gunning