Richard Martyn – Support Trainer

Richard supports Marianne in delivering the training

‘A lifetime in industry has given me substantial experience of management and leadership:  the kind of leadership that fits into a hierarchical organisation and strives to meet deadlines and corporate objectives.

In contrast, more recently I have been attracted to the heart-centred qualities of Sovereign leadership that are so necessary for a healthy and healing relationship with my clients as we explore and navigate their shadows together. And together with these heart-centred, Sovereign qualities, I have discovered an ability to connect and work with the sensitive Inner Child that resides inside all of us, and which bears the scars of many childhood wounds.

For so many people, the emotional wounds our parents bring to their parental role, coupled with the demands of a busy life, result in the innermost needs of their children not being met. This was certainly true for me. I grew up on a busy farm where the paramount demands of farming life often meant that my emotional needs were not met. And so, during my own life journey I have faced deep personal loss and addiction. In fact, my own healing journey started with confronting addiction in a 12-step fellowship, and helping others to do the same.

The two year journey I have travelled with Marianne Hill and Rod Boothroyd during the Healing The Shadow training programme has served me in two ways; firstly to delve deeply into my own shadows and uncover my deepest wounds and bring healing to them, and secondly to equip me with the knowledge and skills, which, together with my own life-experience and innate abilities, enables me to facilitate others on their own journey. The knowledge of processes and psychological theory is important, but maybe more important are the qualities of warmth, empathy and attunement which I bring to the client relationship.

My way of working is always to be client centred and client led, to allow the client to lead the journey of self-development, to be a companion and expert guide on the path that they follow, and to provide the support, encouragement and safe holding necessary for them to explore the deeper, darker parts of themselves. In this way, they can bring conscious light and healing to their oldest wounds, allowing them to grow and mature into a life of meaning and joy unfettered by the shackles of the past.’

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